Key West Metal Industries, Inc

Safety is a team effort and a team goal. Safety is about getting a job done right. Safety is not separate or apart from production. Safety is right for each person's well-being, right for all job site personnel, right for production and right for quality. Each job starts with SAFETY and each of our employees knows that the success of our safety program depends on everyone's participation.


Safety Policies/Practices Implementation:

Having created the safety policies and practices necessary for our industry, it is the responsibility of ownership, our management team and our field supervisors to:

  • Ensure these safety policies and practices are constantly & correctly adhered to
  • Identify, report and resolve potential hazards
  • Refuse to take shortcuts that could endanger our employees or any job site personnel
  • See that all safety precautions are taken, from properly securing scaffolding and ladders to the proper fit and wearing of protective gear
  • Initiate corrective or disciplinary action for any safety violations

Having completed safety and other training applicable to our industry, it is the responsibility of each employee to:

  • Establish and follow good working habits, with safety as priority #1
  • Take advantage of all continuing training offered
  • Read and understand each weekly Safety "talk" and company memos regarding safety
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures
  • Be observant in identifying potential hazards
  • Remain vigilant to any changing situation that could put themselves at risk
  • Properly use rigging, scaffolding, other equipment and wear the right protective gear for each segment of the job

Training/Certification & Health/Accident Prevention Screening:

Our employees have received the following training/certification:

  • CPR/First Aid
  • OSHA 30 - Hour
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Confined Space
  • Respirator
  • Rigging
  • Aerial & Forklift
  • Welding

Routine/Random health and accident prevention screening are provided for:

  • Respiratory
  • Lead
  • Hearing
  • Drugs